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Welcome Truth Seeker and Thank You for Listening.

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Likely you found me from Christian Times Magazine or perhaps you know me in person. Thank you for listening and being concerned about Healthcare's Hidden Epidemic- Narcotic Diversion. I will be posting articles I find to further inform the public. Please also view our sister site listed above.

Podcast: The Drug Goliaths is a podcast I am currently working on. This will be COMING SOON. Please keep checking back. I will go into detail how I spotted diversion in the hospitals. Yes, thats right multiple hospitals I worked at struggled with diversion. I will include audio and my investigative evidence as I try to unravel how America allowed the healthcare workers to steal from sick dying patients.

Disclaimer: I love my nurses!

But the nurses who stole from patients this saddens and concerns me. Nursing Centered Article for the day:

Systemic Issue Article: BD is the company that makes Pyxis the drug storage device. BD calls this Healthcare's Hidden Epidemic

FYI The pharmacists are involved in allowing theft to occur.

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