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Travel Nurses STEAL WHILE STAFFING COVID units and other units. A TREND of THEFT in TRAVEL NURSES.

In the most recent Protenus report (company who caught 148 MILLION stolen narcotics via AI/IT software) states that in 2022 a shocking trend of travel nurse theft.

WOW only 82 reports in 2020. It is like they DID NOT WANT US TO KNOW SOMETHING MORE SINISTER?????

Let's critically think here. If healthcare workers (hospitals and other sites) stole 148 million narcotics in 2019 from Protenus reports.

2.7.22 PPN heading off 148 MILLION
Download PDF • 345KB

And now Protenus reports travel nurses are stealing all across states.

Remember the articles of travel nurses coming in droves to staff the hospitals for COVID?????

I have a few ideas why their contracts are cancelled.... THEFT being 1 item of concern.

Notice some newer verbiage SUBSTANCE ABUSE when asking about narcotic THET.

Remember the old articles I posted????

We also have to remember the article Amid COVID 19 THEFT surges coupled with the article about a nurse who stole 7 gallons of Fentanyl...

Side bar on addicts:

Addicts eventually cannot maintain functional life outcomes like a job, hygiene and relationships due to the illness.How are healthcare workers doctors, nurses, pharmacists and etc continuing in a high stressed job on 7 gallons of Fentanyl?


2.7.22 PPN heading off 148 MILLION
Download PDF • 345KB

protenus 2021 diversion report
Download PDF • 1.82MB

FYI Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opiate. I would rather you do heroin than fentanyl. Fentanyl during COVID at certain hospitals was used to keep patients on ventilators. Fentanyl is also used in hospital operating rooms to treat pain. Fentanyl was created for terminal cancer patients. But like with all drugs we widened the prescribing scope of one of the most deadly drugs/addicting. By doing so also created more addicts. This is a simple principle anytime you widen the scope more uses/viewers are involved.

What is interesting is this story was originally in Pharmacy Practice News (a journal for pharmacists, noted above) somehow navigated to Pain Medicine News. Why would a Pain Medicine News cross cover the story???? THIS STORY IS ABOUT HEALTHCARE WORKERS STEALING DRUGS FOR DYING PATIENTS.



Now lets look at the usual suspects of theft in hospitals. OR aka operating rooms are one of the most common areas along with ER.


We shut down elective surgeries: In fact hospitals lost 22.3 BILLION in REVENUE.

Not to mention the cost to the patients. So we converted the OR/operating rooms to ICU units for overflow covid patients. We changed the pyxis (automatic drug dispensing device pharmacy stocks doctors and nurses remove drugs) stock some what to accommodate a new medical practice but Fentanyl and Versed stayed the same... Fentanyl and Versed are used in OR and for patients on ventilators.

In this article we see the top drugs stolen.

Top drugs stolen are ventilator drugs. FENTANYL AND VERSED (image from this article::


Some critics of Fentanyl and Versed sedation states this causes more ICU delirium and causes patients to remain on vents possibly longer.

Drugs in sedation
Download PDF • 2.17MB

Back to staffing a hospital and healthcare system during a Pandemic aka war zone with employees who are temps , floating around all over the states with no loyalty to those dying in the community.

Also think of this the trend of staffing hospitals with temp workers who do not know the state laws and regulations or even the hospital protocols.

Travel nurse steals across 3 states :

Psychology Today: Talking about how a COVID-19 Travel Nurse who was meant to heal the stole from the sick:

It is somewhat a psychological concern for a healer to steal from the sick, No?

Protenus Report on travel Nurses:Unreported Travel Nurse STEALS drugs.

Full report:

travel nurses steal protenus 2022
Download PDF • 2.75MB

Meanwhile 7 gallons of Fentanyl was stolen by one nurse. Looks like the DEA is now investigating??? Odd because I have been told by the DEA do not investigate Hospital Narcotics.

Look for the next post it will include a clip of an interview regarding healthcare workers stealing narcotics and the DEA. This and more to come will be included in the

The Drug Goliaths podcast

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