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The Population of Russia and 148 Million Stolen Narcotics.

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

The population of Russia is 142.8 million. In this article:

148 MILLION narcotic units (meaning could represent 1 pill, 1 liter of fluid and etc) stolen by North American healthcare workers. This means everyone in Russia could get a free narcotic unit. I question the narrative that Fentanyl is shipped from China (via plane or boat) and taken through South America to make its way to North America . Rarely a Canadian route is mentioned. How did Fentanyl overdose deaths sky rocket during the pandemic; remember via foreign laborious trade routes? Yet, all legitimate supplies nearly halted and empty shelves Joe continues to plague us? I will continue to post the evidence for the reason behind this advocacy group and the questions with the foreign supply Fentanyl narrative.

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