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Kansas Nurse steals Fentanyl by requesting IV bag too early and replacing with unknown liquid saline

This is what happened at my hospital. A bag was requested 40 hours early. The nurse acted like the patient needed the medication I could tell the rate was a lie. A common and sad practice.

From article:

However, a pharmacist recognized the patient’s name because he had delivered a fentanyl IV bag for the patient an hour earlier. The pharmacist became suspicious and checked on the patient. He saw the fentanyl IV bag he had previously delivered was still at the patient’s bedside. He confronted Grant, who claimed it was a mistake, and they returned the fentanyl IV bag to the pharmacy.

According to today’s plea agreement, HCA RMC staff immediately started an internal investigation. The tamper seal over the IV port of the fentanyl bag was torn, and the patient sticker label on the IV bag was slightly wrinkled as if the bag had been squeezed. Grant refused to take a drug screening test and was sent home and subsequently terminated. The investigation revealed that Grant had tampered with the fentanyl IV bag when she extracted the controlled substance from the bag and later replaced an unknown liquid back into the IV bag in an effort to conceal her theft of fentanyl.

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